The New Zealand Honey Trail-Manuka Honey Regions and Varieties

Manuka Honey

All of us know that the purest form of honey in New Zealand is known as manuka honey.  It is very famous across the whole world and the main reason for its necessity is its mouth-watering taste and its creamy texture. It is loaded with a lot of beneficial and important bioactive compounds and hence it gives a velvet texture to the mouth.
Most of the time it might be very hard for people to believe that this type of honey is very rare and expensive and it is found only across New Zealand and Australia. The honey is obtained from the Manuka tree flower which is grown in the hostel areas of New Zealand and Australia.

Beneficial Ingredients of this Honey 

When it comes to the beneficial ingredients of this Honey you need to know that it has different types of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and due to this reason, it is a complete nutritional package for people of all age groups. In addition to this as far as the properties of Manuka Honey are concerned you need to know that it has amazing anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory antiviral, and antibacterial properties.
Due to this reason, it is a very suitable option to treat different kinds of diseases and conditions. Diseases and conditions that can be improved by the use of this type of organic Honey include stomach issues,  intestine issues,  Gastrointestinal problems,  oral cavity problems,  skin issues, and many more. 

 As it has anti-inflammatory properties due to this reason, it is also very helpful in improving the digestive health of human beings. Moreover, it is also very helpful in increasing immunity and boosts the immune system by the destruction of different free radicals by the radical scavenging activity. As far as skincare is concerned you need to know that it is very effective and efficient in treating different kinds of skin conditions such as acne, scars, pigmentation,  and other infections related to skin that cannot be treated otherwise. You can say that this is a very easy-to-do treatment. 

Due to its beneficial properties related to glowing and rejuvenating skin honey is also used as one of the key ingredients in different beauty products by well-known companies. Honey is very rare and is obtained in small amounts and this is the reason that it is very expensive also. In case you think that there is only one type of Manuka Honey then you need to know that there are a lot of different types in this one also. If you want to know about it then read this article till the end the types of Manuka Honey mentioned below in this article

Clover honey 

When it comes to this type of honey then you need to know that it is considered the purest and lightest form of honey.  This one is also famous because it is the only form of honey that is being harvested in the lower regions of the South Island. It is used in New Zealand very commonly and you can also say that this type of honey is now used as a staple in New Zealand culture. You can find its use as the normal conventional honey and every home and baking industry. As the name suggests this type of honey is derived from the clover flower. As far as the species of this flower are concerned you need to know that it has 300 different species across the world and the honey is very well known for its moderate taste and syrup consistency

Honeydew honey 

Honeydew honey Is another most commonly used form of honey and you need to know that it is generally obtained from black beech trees which are primarily located in the Alpine forests and Alpine forests are found in the south island of New Zealand. You need to know that this type of honey is obtained uniquely and is produced by some creatures within the trees. You can simply state that there are small insects that are found within the trees and produce a sticky and thick liquid that is afterward collected on the trees. As far as the sweetness of this Honey is concerned then you need to know that it is a lot less sweet and even some of them taste very salty or sour also. 

Rata honey 

In the case of this type of honey, you need to know that they are found on the West Coast of pristine forest in the southern island of New Zealand.  This honey is obtained from the flowers which Bloom occasionally and this is the reason that the honey is produced in very limited quantities. Some research also suggests that this type of tree only flowers every 2 to 3 years and not more than that.  This simply suggests that honey is very rare in nature and this is the reason that it is also considered one of the rarest types of fungi found on earth. If you want to talk about the taste of this Honey then you need to know that this Honey is spectacularly smooth in addition to this it is not very sweet either and it has a salty taste. 

Kamahi honey 

This type of honey is produced from white bottle brush trees. The honey bees are supposed to collect pollen and afterwards, they produce an intense and complex flavor that has amazing after tones.  The production site of this honey is actually from the forest canopies Which are located in the south and western coast island of New Zealand. In case if you want to know the amount of honey produced then you need to know that these trees grow in abundant quantities and so this is the reason that the availability of honey is very sufficient. The taste of this honey is similar to burnt sugar and the honey is also very smooth and it is followed by an intense flavor and smell also. So this was all about different and amazing varieties of honey from across the world and their occurrence also.

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